Are you struggling to find a lovely pair of bridal shoes for your big day?

Want something pretty, comfortable and affordable?


We we have had a lot of brides recently asking for the best place to buy bridal shoes, and since we stopped stocking Rainbow Club shoes due to lack of storage, we were sending brides to John Lewis and Debenhams. Sadly it seems as though they didn’t see a market for bridal shoes unless it is peak “Wedding Season”, and unfortunately, there isn’t really a “Wedding Season” anymore with weddings taking place year round.


So, since we have managed to get a bit more space in the shop since we opened our sale studio in association with Truly Bridal, we decided we were going to have a look at stocking shoes again!!!! Exciting!


Luckily, the lovely Phil who happens to be put sales rep for Private Label by G also happens to be the sales rep for Paradox London, so we asked him very nicely if he could come visit us, and that is just what he did.


We spent yesterday afternoon with a shop full of Ivory shoes, picking which designs we like best, trying them on for comfort (well Jaime was as she is the only one that had small enough feet to fit the sample) trying to figure out which sizes we want in each style, and final fretting about the styles we had picked being the right ones.

But I think we are pretty happy with what we have chosen, and we can’t wait to show you what we got!!!